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Best fit for Small to Medium E-Commerce & Retail

Scale up your business without any fear

More Warehouses

Expand your service geography and increase your warehousing capacity as much as you need. Logiwa offers the most powerful supply chain structure functionality to manage networks as wide as 30 warehouses – get ready to uberize your warehouse network.

Small to Medium

Feel secure with the most powerful supply chain backbone throughout your growth process. We focus on small to medium businesses and help them grow.

More Orders

Launch as many channels as you need and fulfill any number of orders within your imagination. Logiwa provides services to clients who ship in a range of 50 items to 800K items daily.

More Clients

Do not hesitate to sign more contracts as a 3PL. Logiwa provides you the scalability to increase number of your clients – even ready for on-demand Amazon style warehousing.

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1000s of users from various industries. Each industry has its own requirements. See our templates and know how for different industries.


Electronics & Appliances

See how we support warranty by tracking serial numbers


Furniture & Household

See how kits are handled in furniture e-commerce


Fashion & Apparel

See how we handle high rate of returns in fashion e-commerce


Food & Grocery

See how we provide full traceability in food e-commerce


Consumer Goods

Scale up your warehouse for CPG e-commerce

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Tailored to Retail & E-commerce

Focus on the needs and challenges in the retail and e-commerce environment. We offer advanced functionality and expertise for inventory management and order fulfillment in retail and e-commerce.

Paperless through Barcode Scanning

Eliminate paper; view and execute all your tasks through all devices; barcode scanners, smartphones and tablets.

Unlimited Integrations & APIs

Enjoy effortless and seamless integration with marketplaces, shopping carts, shipment carriers and accounting systems. Orders, inventory and shipments are synchronized across your online network.

No Initial Investment on Cloud

Enjoy continuous value with the most powerful Cloud Inventory Management Software. No initial investment with no risk.