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You are the secret sauce making life easier for your clients. You impress clients with exceptional fulfillment experiences and manage the relationships with each 3rd party warehouse so they don’t have to.

But ensuring consistent quality across 3rd party warehouses is really hard. You don’t directly control the 3rd party warehouses or the fulfillment teams working in your network. Every 3rd party warehouse has a different WMS, and it is hard to connect and share real-time information with these ancient systems. Without a real-time view across all client inventory, all fulfillment centers, and all shipments,  it is hard to optimize the order-to-fulfillment process for each client.

To meet your delivery commitments you need to ensure each 3rd party warehouse has the procedures, standards, and WMS technology capable of delivering the right product to the right customers as fast as they promise. You must also continuously optimize orders across your fulfillment network – which requires real-time visibility into inventory at each location, order and shipment status, and order turn-around times for every client.

That’s exactly why we built Logiwa – to help fulfillment networks and 3PLs scale and impress clients with an exceptional fulfillment experience. Our cloud fulfillment network software can be up and running in just a few weeks at any number of warehouses, has a simple pay-as-you-go monthly pricing, and can easily expand as you bring on new clients. Logiwa helps you stay nimble with a flexible WMS that can adapt and support your constantly evolving operations as you bring on new warehouses, new clients, and fulfill an ever-growing portfolio of products.

Logiwa helps fulfillment networks achieve high-volume order fulfillment success. Our cloud fulfillment software makes it easy to onboard new clients, add new warehouses, and grow your fulfillment network business.  


Cloud Fulfillment Software

The Logiwa Cloud Fulfillment Software is a fully integrated WMS and order fulfillment system that empowers companies to run a digital fulfillment experience and grow your direct-to-consumer business – without additional headcount.


Connected Ecommerce

Sell more with a fully integrated inventory management system that connects instantly with over 200 ecommerce, marketplaces, and order management systems.

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Digital Warehousing

Run a fully digital 3PL fulfillment center with mobile apps, smart job batching, automation rules, real-time exception handling, and online reports.

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Smart Shipping

Save time and money with Logiwa’s shipping software, enjoy price-optimized carrier selection and auto-printed shipping labels that process orders out the door faster.

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Total Control

Easily update and extend your Logiwa system in minutes not months: create warehouse layouts, process orders, update automation rules, and bring a new fulfillment center online with clicks not code.

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Everything fulfillment networks need to achieve high-volume order fulfillment success

Check out all the functionality we provide and then imagine all this power running on your mobile devices in a fully digital warehouse that’s part of your integrated fulfillment network. That’s Logiwa.

Warehouse Operations

  • Receiving
  • Directed putaway
  • Picking and packing
  • PICK-FACE replenishment
  • Return management
  • Cycle counting
  • Inventory transfers

Warehouse Productivity

  • Multi-warehouse operations
  • Multi-client operations
  • Shipment rule automation
  • DTC packing station
  • Kitting and bundling
  • Scale integrations

Warehouse Optimization

  • Order routing
  • Putaway automation rules
  • Inventory allocation automation rules
  • Automate picking job creation
  • Shipment box suggestions
  • Walking path optimization
  • Put-to-wall
  • Robotics integration

Logiwa makes a fast impact on your business

40% increase in labor efficiency

3x more orders shipped after first three months on Logiwa

8% lower shipping costs with Logiwa rate shopping

700% shipment increase by Logiwa customers during Covid pandemic

More than just great software, we're a high-volume fulfillment success company

We aren’t like the other warehouse and shipping products in the market. We respond to you in 7–9 minutes and have more automation superpowers than anyone else in the market.

Up and running in 4 weeks

100% SaaS product is easy to configure and easy to update. You can be up and running in weeks instead of months or years.

Awesome automations

Use our pre-built automation rules or easily build your own to speed up everything from inbound operations to your pick, pack and shipping processes.

9 minute response times

Our technology is great, but what customers love most is our amazing customer support. We actually get back to customer questions in 7–9 minutes!

“We’re adding 3 to 5 new clients each week. Onboarding a new client into our fulfillment network takes just one hour with Logiwa.”

– Kameron Norwood, COO and co-founder

“We knew we needed a modern WMS for ecommerce fulfillment. We looked at all the other solutions available and chose Logiwa for its intuitive UX and ease of use.”

– Hooner Baweja, CEO and founder

Ecommerce WMS Software pre-integrated with 200 ecommerce and shipping solutions

Logiwa Warehouse Management System Integrations

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