UPS Shipping Software Integrated To WMS

Automate your fulfillment process by connecting your UPS account to Logiwa. Print labels, compare rates, rate shop and more. 


UPS Shipping Software Features by Logiwa

  • Printing shipping labels with negotiated rates
  • Domestic and International shipping services
  • International customs declaration documents
  • Third party billing for domestic and international shipping (duties and taxes included)
  • Generate return labels
  • Adding shipping insurance to protect your packages
  • UPS MI (Mail Innovation) labels and rate generation based on your account
  • Saturday delivery option
  • UPSSurepost services

Warehouse And Stock Management Connected With UPS


Logiwa’s warehouse management system acts as a hub for all your sales channels by connecting your warehouse to all of your online stores and carriers feeding them the real-time data.

Logiwa UPS Shipping Software is fully integrated with UPS , which is one of the world’s largest parcel delivery companies. Logiwa is the best choice for businesses who are looking for UPS integration with their inventory management software. We make the shipment process hassle-free. Our customers can print labels through Logiwa itself without having to install the UPS Worldship application.


Explore Full Inventory Management Capabilities

Logiwa ensures accurate and real-time inventory management across all your sales channels and warehouses. At the same time, Logiwa allows you to execute advanced fulfillment strategies like wave-planning, cluster picking and cross-docking.


UPS Shipping Software Benefits by Logiwa

  • Create batch labels with Logiwa’s easy interface
  • Automate weight and dimension rules for your shipping boxes
  • Compare rates by getting the rates from different carriers
    rate shopping option to find the cheapest rate for your package
  • Automated emails to customers after the label generation
  • Plan your pickups by scheduling a pickup date
  • Create multiple different carrier accounts
  • Create your clients carrier accounts
  • Verify and correct your delivery address to make sure the package goes to correct destination
  • Build data driven decisions based on shipment reports
  • Auto sync tracking info to your store
  • Calculate shipping rates before printing the labels

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Logiwa is the most integrated WMS platform available in the market today. But don't listen to us, hear it from our customers.

John A. Caltagirone

Director of Supply Chain Center, Loyola University

"Easy-to-configure WMS, in-depth functionality, capable of responding to various industries, top notch in retail and e-commerce, very knowledgeable team of supply chain engineers.."


Umur Ozkal

CEO, Arvato Systems

"We are using Logiwa WMS for 5 years in multi-client and multi-warehouse environment. It is easy to use and there are a lot of built-in functions. I recommend it for all in 3PL fulfillment operations in online and retail."


Isil Colbasi

Small Business Owner, Mirilya

"Focus on your business processes, Logiwa WMS handles the rest. The project was a good opportunity for us to redesign our inventory processes."


Greg Moser, 

President, ShipCalm

"One of the absolute best support teams I've ever worked with. They can build or fix anything you need very easily."





3PLs rely on Logiwa to manage their entire supply chain. With Logiwa, 3PLs can manage multiple clients and warehouses. Customer portals, customized billing and more.

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Ecommerce brands rely on Logiwa to pick, pack and ship faster. Integrate multiple sales channels to manage inventory in real time. Automate your entire operations.

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Businesses who sell online and have brick and mortar stores use Logiwa. Organize and sequence orders into waves. Set rules for fulfillment for specific sales channels.

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Wholesalers and manufacturers use Logiwa to optimize their B2B, B2C and DTC  fulfillment to ensure that orders are processed and shipped quickly.

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