3 Warehouse Location Functions to Achieve Better 3PL Warehousing

3 Warehouse Location Functions to Achieve Better 3PL Warehousing

When defining your locations in the warehouse, some specific functions are more important than the rest. Having a flexible location design is crucial for better logistics and proper client management. You should question your 3PL warehouse management system if they have this flexibility.

Client-Location Allocation

A 3PL can assign a location directly to a client which makes it easier to calculate billing report. But is this the efficient way? A 3PL warehouse management system should give below options to 3PL warehouse:

  • Assign a specific location to a client
  • Do not assign any location but do not allow multiple clients in a location. If the location is empty, you can put away inventory of any client.
  • Allow multiple clients’ inventory in the same location

Customizable Storage Systems

A warehouse management system must provide standard storage systems such as B2B pallet racks, shelves, drive-inn, working station, packing station, staging area, drawers. But in many cases, these standard storage systems requires customizations for specific clients and industries. Your warehouse management system should have the option to customize and add new storage systems.

ABC Classification and Directed Putaway

A 3PL warehouse handles thousands of inventory if not millions. Some of the inventory move faster than the rest and some move slower. Your warehouse management system must optimize the movement flow in your warehouse. The best-of-breed WMS systems use customizable directed putaway algorithms to optimize the flow such as putting away fast movers to closer locations to the dock.


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