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The Most Powerful Warehouse Management Software On Cloud

Optimize your picking and shipping with Logiwa WMS by using your own devices, scanners and more.

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A Cloud Based WMS that Scales With Your Business

Improve your order fulfillment and warehouse operations by implementing the most robust warehouse management system(WMS) for e-commerce brands, retailers, wholesalers and 3pls.


Multi-Warehouse Management

There is no limit to how many warehouses you can manage within Logiwa.


Complete Fulfillment Optimization

From receiving inventory to picking, packing and shipping. Use wave picking, batch picking, cluster picking and more.


Dynamic Put-Away Algorithms

Configure your warehouse system with ABC, volume, zone and customized putaway.


Plug and Play Sales Channel Integration

Connect to one or multiple platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Amazon and more.


Demand Driven Replenishment

Ensure the right amount of inventory at the right place and time in your supply chain.


Automated Job/Task Management

Automate job creations for single, single SKU, multi and oversized item orders.

The Most Powerful Engine for your B2C/B2B Fulfillment

Enhance and optimize your warehouse operations with the most powerful warehouse management system.

Adapt to new business models, blend various operations in the same warehouse for perfect alignment and enjoy fast time-to-value.

  • Order routing across warehouses
  • Shipment rate shopping
  • Shipment rule automation
  • Real-time inventory tracking and sharing across channels
  • Rule-based inventory replenishment
  • Order packing station
  • Bulk shipment label generation
  • Returns management
  • Cross docking
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    Explore Full Warehouse Operating Systems Features

    Logiwa ensures accurate and real-time inventory tracking across all your online stores and ERP system. At the same time, our WMS products allow you to execute advanced fulfillment strategies like wave picking, batch picking, cluster picking and cross-docking.

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    We Know Running A Fulfillment Business Can Get Complicated

    Logiwa is here to help. Our Warehouse Management Software offers the fastest, most reliable solutions for B2C/B2B warehouse and inventory management.

  • Our automated system knows when your orders are being shipped, when to order more inventory, and more
  • Logiwa WMS is cloud-based, which means it can be accessed from any device. No more installation hassle
  • Generate shipment labels and do rate shopping to get better shipment rates from carriers
  • Logiwa is optimized for multi-channel integration, so you never miss a order
  • Pick and pack your orders in real-time with barcode scanning
  • Get accurate, online reports with the simple click of a button
  • Surpass Your Customers Expectations and Your Competitors' Capabilities.

    Improve your warehouse operations by implementing an advanced warehouse management software solution. Customers have seen a 35% improvement in their order fulfillment times.

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    Automate Your Distribution Center

    A lot of money can be lost by managing a distribution center manually. Sure, it may seem like you can remember where you placed that product at first-- you even wrote it down to make sure! When you’re logging inventory manually, however, the margin of error is way higher. With manual logging, there is a high likelihood that your product is now lost somewhere in the warehouse.

    A warehouse management system ensures that you know where your product is at all times by using barcode location codes. They not only improve your accuracy, but your likelihood of making a sale, too.


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    Achieve 100% Inventory Accuracy With an Directed Putaway Process

    Putaway is one of the most important processes in your warehouse. It determines how long it takes to move an item from your dock to your warehouse shelves. In other words, the longer your putaway process, the longer items are “out of stock” and, therefore, not available to your customers.

    Putaway isn’t only about moving goods from the dock quickly. It’s also about putting them in the most optimal position in the warehouse to accelerate picking process. The best spot for an item depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Projected sales volume
  • Size and dimensions
  • Weight
  • Price and value
  • Temperature control requirements
  • Expiration date
  • Deciding where to store items in real time creates inefficiency. Logiwa warehouse management system (WMS) automates directed putaway. Once your warehouse decides how to treat products, your team enters the rules and variables into the system. When an item arrives, the WMS directs workers where to put each item. Decision making and hesitation are eliminated from the process, resulting in an efficient movement of goods.

    Logiwa warehouse system software also supports other features related to the putaway process to make your warehouse operations run smoothly, including:

  • Cross-docking: If your warehouse manages fast-moving goods, you can move goods directly from the inbound dock to the outbound dock. Logiwa warehouse management software helps you manage all of the moving parts to ensure a smooth cross-docking operation.
  • Lot tracking: Some goods aren’t sold in discrete units, but rather piecemeal from a larger batch (e.g., foodstuffs). In these cases, Logiwa warehouse manager system helps you track quantities through lot tracking. This ensures no spoiled or expired goods are shipped out to customers, protecting you from both legal and reputational standpoint.
  • Serial number tracking: Serial numbers identify discrete items, unlike lot numbers which identify batches of a good.Serial number tracking is a crucial process in the electronics industry. Logiwa WMS can help you track different types of serial items throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Bin and location tracking: A good putaway process is moot if you can’t find items later. Logiwa warehouse management software helps warehouse workers easily gather bin and location information to later track and retrieve items.
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    The backbone of your warehouse operations

    Your WMS program should reflect the current realities of your operations and prepare your business for the future. Perhaps your shifting to a more significant portion of e-commerce sales. Or you're growing through mergers and acquisitions and have to integrate operations across multiple warehouses.

    Transitioning to a SaaS WMS will help you support sales growth and improve warehouse performance with the help of the wms experience. At Logiwa, we've seen shippers double their shipping efficiency with 100% inventory accuracy by using our cloud-based WMS.

    Each strategy carries its own requirements. For example, a higher level of direct-to-consumer shipping requires warehouse manager system that can handle large numbers of individual shipments as well as pallet-in and pallet-out operations. For integrating companies, your inventory system must be able to view items no matter where they're located and how they may be sold.

    Speed Up Fulfillment With More Productive Order Picking

    Are you ready to fully optimize your warehouse operations? The order picking process is one of the most popular places to start. Picking accounts for more than half of a warehouse’s operating costs. Plus, it determines how quickly a product gets into a customer’s hand. Fortunately for ambitious warehouse managers, there are many ways to optimize the warehouse order picking process.


    Walking Path Optimization

    With walking path optimization, you can reduce one of the most common forms of warehouse waste: motion waste. Motion waste is the unnecessary movement of people throughout the warehouse, and the picking process is a big cause of it. When a worker takes the longest path or retrieves goods in an inefficient order, they extend the average pick time. A WMS helps warehouses introduce walking path optimization by employing picking algorithms that identify the most efficient paths through the warehouse.

    Pick Process Improvement

    There are several picking processes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The best one for your warehouse depends on the nature of your business. Popular order picking processes include:

  • Pick and pack: Instead of picking entire pallets of products and sending them to the packing area, Logiwa warehouse labor management system allows warehouse workers to pick items and place them into addressed envelopes or packages. This works best for an e-commerce warehouse that manages a large volume of individual shipments.
  • Batch picking: Multiple orders with several products within each are consolidated and sorted based on like items. A warehouse employee picks everything from one category (e.g., toothbrushes) all at the same time. The different batches of products (e.g., toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss) are brought to a sorting area where they are then grouped based on individual customer orders (e.g., Customer A’s order includes 1 toothbrush, 2 tubes of toothpaste, 3 packs of dental floss).
  • Wave picking: Picks are organized in “waves” throughout the day. The waves are tied to specific schedules, like the outbound shipping schedule, to ensure items leave the warehouse in time for delivery deadlines. For instance, if a customer pays for next-day shipping, the system automatically assigns that order to a wave earlier in the day, rather than simply adding it to the queue.
  • Zone picking: Also known as pick and pass, this method assigns workers to specific zones. While bins or totes move around the warehouse workers pick only the goods from their sections and the bins move along to the next zone. Bins only move around the warehouse while workers remain in place.
  • Some of these methods are more suitable for B2C or direct-to-consumer order picking while others are best for B2B order picking. In all cases, a sophisticated WMS supports picking workflow automation.


    Plan Your Daily Operations With Ease

    A WMS manages inventory and its movements through your warehouse, and the labor required for your operations by using warehouse system software tools. The database includes information on individual SKUs, such as dimensions and packaging information, as well as warehouse storage locations and any storage restriction information. Logiwa WMS is customizable to your warehouse configuration, such as storage racks, product types, dimensions. A sophisticated system will also generate predictions for space utilization and labor productivity, such as cases picked per employee-hour.

    Logiwa warehouse labor management system plans your operations on a shift or daily basis and calculate the resources such as labor and inventory required to accomplish the plan. You can communicate those plans to employees and carriers for picking and deliveries.

    Use Logiwa's warehouse manager software to plan and sequence orders for picking using common strategies such as wave picking, zone picking. Logiwa Warehouse Management Systems WMS supports rule-based workflows for assigning work based on the configuration of your warehouse.

    Reduce Shipping Costs With a Warehouse Management Software

    When your warehouse is small, managing your outbound logistics isn’t a big deal. But as your business grows and the flow of goods increases, manually entering carrier data every day turns into an infeasible--and unprofitable--task. Eventually, a manual shipping process will hinder your growth by delaying shipments and dissatisfying customers.


    By integrating shipping carriers, Logiwa warehouse manager system solves this problem. Instead of employees transferring information from the warehouse to the carrier, your WMS Software automatically integrates with your shipping carriers. When your WMS triggers a new packing job, the shipment information is also transferred to carriers and shipping labels can be generated automatically.

    Another benefit of integrating wms program is that rate shopping becomes easier and reduces your shipping costs. Shipment automation capabilities streamlines other tasks like creating and printing a carrier label or generating a shipment tracking number. And, with EDI, Logiwa warehouse management system can quickly and easily connect to your preferred carriers.


    Always ship the right product to the right customer

    All of your warehouse processes support one main goal: Getting the right product to the right customer at the right time. Oftentimes, warehouse managers focus all of their optimization efforts on their order picking process to the detriment of the order packing process. However, a poor order packing process can lead to an unfortunate bottleneck that causes goods to pile up and shipments to be delayed on their way out the door.

    With Logiwa warehouse system software, you can streamline everything that happens in your order packing station. Logiwa WMS supports overall order packing automation by providing single-item and multi-item order packing functionality. In other words, warehouse jobs flow automatically from the picking process to the packing process.

    Depending on the complexity of your order packing operation, you can opt for sophisticated add-on order packing features that helps packers.Logiwa WMS can also specify the right box for each order, ensuring large boxes aren’t wasted on smaller items.

    Turn your warehouse operations into a growth driver for your business.

    See why thousands of companies are using Logiwa for their supply chain management.

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