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Complete Fulfillment Optimization For Your Warehouse

Optimize your warehousing operations from receiving inventory to pick, pack and ship. Use wave picking, batch picking, cluster picking, pick and sort, pick and pass and more.

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No Initial Investment Through Cloud

Barcode scanning satisfies the ultimate purpose of a warehouse inventory management system which is chasing after the physical stock. Make sure shipments are 100% accurate.

Accuracy Through Barcode Scanning

Logiwa's cloud warehouse inventory system offers access wherever you are in the world. Plus you don’t have to destroy your cash flow with any initial investment or implementation cost.

New Age Fulfillment

New business models and warehouse network expansion in retail requires certain capabilities such as order routing, shipment rate shopping, dropshipment.

Automated Warehouse Workflows

Workflows are the essentials of the warehouses. Configure automated tasks/jobs, dynamic putaway, batch/cluster/wave picking, cycle counting, put-to-wall, cross-docking for true automation.

Plug’n Play Store / Carrier Integration

Connect all your sales channels such as Shopify, Magento, Amazon and more just hassle-free. Automate your shipment process by connecting all your carrier accounts with just 1-click.

Solution Centric Support Services

A warehouse shouldn’t stop running as it’s the heart of your organization. Experience the fastest support services in the industry - not only to get a response but to get the fastest solution.


Warehouse Management Basics

Multiple Warehouses

Unlimited Locations/Bins

Inventory and Location Management

Transfers Between Locations and Warehouses

Instant Counting

Purchase Order Management

Inbound Receiving Management

PO Notification Email Alerts

Returns Management

Safety Stock Reports and Email Alerts

Shipping Management

Pick, Pack and Ship Operations

Backorders and Damaged Products

Carrier Rate Shopping

Shipment Tracking Number Management

Lot/Batch, Expiry Date and Serial Number Tracking

Pick Face Replenishment

Warehouse Productivity

Individual Order Picking

Wave/Batch/Cluster Picking

Batch Shipment Label Printing

Pick List and Packing Slip Printing


Mobile Picking, Receiving and Transfers

Order Packing Screen

Substitude Products

Customized Screen Layout

Warehouse Optimization

Directed Putaway - Location Suggestion

Pre-defined Picking Jobs (Single Unit, Multi Unit, Pick, Pack)

Walking(Picking) Path Optimization

Put to Wall(Sorting and Consolidation)

Shipment Rule Automation Rule

Package Type Selection Algorithms

Connectivity & Integrations

Plug'n Play Store Connections

Plug'n Play Shipment Carrier Connections

Accounting and ERP Integrations

Warehouse Robot Integrations

Scale Integrations

Open API and EDI Integrations


Real-time Reporting

User Performance and History Report

Available To Sales Reports

Safety Stock Reports

Centralized Inventory Reports

Location -based Inventory Reports

Shipment History and Traceability Reports

Receiving and Traceability Reports

Shortage Notifications and Reports

Transaction History and Inventory History Reports

3PL Management

Multi-Client Support

Client Portal and Dashboard

Client Based Setup (Packing Slip, Contracts and Statements)

Notifications To Clients

Customized New Billing Line

Billing and Contract Management

Third Party Carrier Account Management

Billing Integrations With ERPs

Mark Up Shipment Rate

Custom Branding

Supply Chain Management

Order Routing Accross Multiple Warehouses


Consignment Management

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Logiwa enables companies to manage multiple operations in the same facility in harmony. At the same time, our software allows you to execute advanced fulfillment strategies like wave-planning, cluster picking and cross-docking.

Integrations and EDI - Online Stores and Business to Business

Provide a seamless retail supply chain experience for your clients and your team. Logiwa WMS easily connects all parties in the retail space.

  • Shopping cart integrations
  • Marketplace integrations
  • Carrier integrations
  • Accounting integrations
  • EDI Integrations
  • Open API
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    Automate Your Receiving and Put-away

    With Logiwa WMS, you can start receiving your products with any industrial barcode scanners, smartphones, tablets or PCs. Logiwa,s rules-based location suggestion algorithms find the best location for recevied product so you do not need to think where to put the products.

  • Purchase order management
  • Receiving via barcode scanning
  • Rule-based directed putaway workflow
  • Expected vs actual inventory reports
  • Loose item and pallet receiving
  • ASN management
  • Damage Reporting
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    Streamlined Order Management

    Synchronize your inventory, orders and shipments with the most popular e-commerce channels, online marketplaces and your website. Gain access to our Open API to ensure you’re fully connected.

  • Order synchronization through shopping carts and marketplaces
  • Online inventory sharing through sales channels
  • Drop shipping
  • Backorder management
  • Shortage handling
  • Manual order entry
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    Automated Picking Workflows

    Your pickers will enjoy easy, automated, mistake-free picking process flows with Logiwa’s Inventory Software. Let our software think of the next move for you.

  • Paperless picking via barcode scanning
  • Picker performance tracking
  • Single item and multi item picking trips
  • Walking path optimization
  • Batch picking and sorting
  • Real-time cluster picking
  • Dynamic picking locations and algorithms
  • Pick phase replenishment
  • Put to wall and put to car
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    Order Packing and Shipment

    Our Warehouse Management Software’s automated packing and shipment functionality is tough to beat.

  • Integrate with parcel carriers
  • Shipment box type suggestion
  • Print packing slips and shipment labels
  • Capture shipment tracking number
  • Package dimensions
  • Rate shopping
  • Capture insurance option and value
  • Capture signature confirmation option
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    The Leading Warehouse Management Software for “New Age” B2C/B2B Fulfillment Businesses

    Improve your warehousing and inventory management operations by implementing the most flexible warehouse and inventory software for online sellers, distributors, wholesalers, and 3PLs.

    3PL Management

    Transform your 3PL business into a new age fulfillment center.


    Warehouse Management

    Optimize your warehouse while increasing your bottom line.


    Inventory Management

    Improve your inventory accuracy across your supply chain.


    All-in-One Dashboard and Advanced Reporting

    Our Warehouse Management System provides the best online inventory reports to analyze your business.

  • Custom report generation
  • Online inventory management reports
  • Order progress reports
  • Shipment progress reports
  • Available to promise reports
  • Performance reports
  • Tracking reports
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    Provide the Right Returns Process to Your Clients

    It’s no secret that e-commerce and retail businesses lose significant capital because of returns. It’s important to handle returns effectively within the reverse logistics process. We help minimize your loss caused by returns with an easy way to quality check, split their status and identify the resalable items.

  • Return by barcode scanning
  • Order and product verification
  • Serial number verification
  • Image verification
  • Return to vendor
  • Return to available inventory
  • Return to damage
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    Billing and Contract Management

    Billing clients accurately is an essential part of preserving profits and customer satisfaction. With our Warehouse Management Software, we can define client and warehouse based contracts, and create billing reports based on user-defined periods. Our software can even push the billing reports to your accounting system automatically.

  • Account management charges
  • Storage charges
  • Inbound charges
  • Outbound/shipment charges
  • Return handling charges
  • Handling, labelling, kitting etc. charges
  • Counting and inventory charges
  • Freight charges
  • Other manual charges
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    Manage Your Entire Supply Chain

    To learn more about Logiwa, download our free white papers.

    Inventory Management
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    3PL Management
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    Client Portal and Reporting

    We know that client satisfaction is the highest priority for our users, and that data security is their largest priority. With our Warehouse Management Software, you can easily provide online information to your clients through a personalized client portal. This not only assures your client that their information is safe, but also puts them in control. Logiwa WMS also grants your clients with related authorization, so that they are only able to see their own data.

  • Customize new reports
  • Online inventory reports
  • Order progress and status
  • Order fulfillment details
  • Shipment status and details
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    Cycle Counting and Inventory Management

    Logiwa WMS Software generates discrepancy reports by comparing the inventory you scan with what the system shows, and automatically applying the necessary corrections. With Logiwa, counting online inventory is as easy as performing a quick stock-take on an item or a location.

  • Count by scanning barcode
  • Cycle counting
  • Instant counting
  • Discrepancy reports
  • Online inventory update
  • Counting log
  • Count plans and revisions
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