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The Integrations You Need to Streamline Your Business

Logiwa offers out-of-the-box integrations to marketplaces, ecommerce, shipping, and accounting platforms. Hundreds of businesses rely on Logiwa to integrate their warehouse systems.

Logiwa offers an easy to connect Open Rest API which enables connection to your stores/marketplaces, custom websites, other warehouses, vendors, ERPs, BI Tools, etc... Our Open API enables pulling/pushing your product, POs, order data as well as all the reports available.

  • Pull/push data to integrate with your ERP system.
  • Pull/push data to integrate with your TMS.
  • Pull/push data to integrate with your vendor for a seamless flow.
  • Pull/push data to connect to your store or custom e-commerce site.
  • Pull warehouse users transaction and send to your HR tool.
  • Pull sales and inventory data and use it in your BI tool.
  • The Leading Supply Chain Management Software for “New Age” B2C/B2B Fulfillment Businesses


    Transform your 3PL business into a new age fulfillment center.


    3PL Software

    Warehouse Management

    Optimize your warehouse while increasing your bottom line.


    Warehouse Management System

    Inventory Management

    Improve your inventory accuracy across your supply chain.


    Inventory Management System

    Streamline Your Inventory and Warehouse Management Processes

    See why thousands of companies are using Logiwa as their WMS.

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