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Logiwa offers 70+ out-of-the-box integrations to marketplaces, ecommerce, shipping, and accounting platforms. Hundreds of businesses rely on Logiwa to integrate their warehouse systems.

Logiwa supports a number of EDI transaction sets or file types that are useful for logistics and warehousing businesses, including:

EDI 850: A purchase order transaction set used to place a purchase order for goods or services.

EDI 856: Refers to an advance ship notice (ASN) used to describe the contents of each shipment and how items within the shipment were packed.

EDI 940: Used to instruct remote warehouses to ship orders.

EDI 945: Refers to the warehouse shipping advice transaction. It is used by warehouses to notify a trading partner that a shipment was made.

EDI 753: Refers to the Request for routing instructions document. A supplier uses this code to ask a purchaser how they want their products to be shipped. It is generally used for shipments originating from a single location and bound to be delivered to one or many destinations.

EDI 754: Used in retail to manage inbound freight from suppliers. A retailer sends a message to suppliers indicating who the carrier is and when the shipment will be picked up. An EDI 754 is used in response to an EDI 753.

EDI 810: Used to sent and invoice to request payment for products and/or services.

EDI 846: Inventory inquiry or advice is an electronic document that allows suppliers to share inventory information with their trading partners.

EDI 855: Purchase order acknowledgment is an electronic version of a phone call or fax. It tells the buyer (who issued a purchase order) that the supplier will be filling the purchase order as requested.

UCC-128 Shipping Label: The UCC-128, along with an ASN (856), deliver the relevant details of a shipment to the retailer. Each label has information about the origin, destination, and contents of the shipment.

Logiwa offers an easy to connect Open Rest API which enables connection to your stores/marketplaces, custom websites, other warehouses, vendors, ERPs, BI Tools, etc... Our Open API enables pulling/pushing your product, POs, order data as well as all the reports available.

  • Pull/push data to integrate with your ERP system.
  • Pull/push data to integrate with your TMS.
  • Pull/push data to integrate with your vendor for a seamless flow.
  • Pull/push data to connect to your store or custom e-commerce site.
  • Pull warehouse users transaction and send to your HR tool.
  • Pull sales and inventory data and use it in your BI tool.
  • Check out open API developers' document.

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