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Best Warehouse Management System

The best warehouse management system is powerful enough to serve your needs now and flexible enough to grow with your business.

Logiwa offers the Best Warehouse Management System

Your company deserves the best warehouse management system you can find, one that provides the power and flexibility for your business today and will scale as your business grows. The right choice can double the shipment volume for your warehouse; the wrong decision can drive up costs and lead to dissatisfied customers.

A warehouse management system controls all of the processes related to moving inventory in and out of your warehouse and managing the related data. The best warehouse management system will support different sales and shipping channels, and have the flexibility to accommodate new channels in the future.


Look for a WMS that manages your operations from door to door. It should provide detailed information on everything from receiving to manifesting, including employees, products, and transactions. The best WMS will provide a bird’s eye view of operations including inventory levels from an intuitive dashboard.

You'll be able to track operations such as:

  • Receiving

  • Shelving received goods

  • Order picking

  • Shipping

  • Inventory audits

  • Item movements


Tracking everything going on in your warehouse gives you the data for targeted analysis across the operation, from hiring to stocking. The best WMS will help you track and manage all of your resources for maximum efficiency.

Ease of Use

Sure, real-time data is great to have. But managing the flow of information and presenting in an actionable format requires a robust platform designed around your needs. Logiwa's inventory management system offers a dashboard for shipping and sales channels, so that accurate inventory numbers are pushed to all of the places you need, including customer-facing portals. The entire system runs off the same database, so you only have to enter numbers one time, and the entire system is up to date.

You can create reports and charts, customizing them based on your employee, supplier, and shipping bases as well as internal divisions. You can measure the performance of individuals or groups against standards for speed and accuracy. You can compare the morning shift vs. the evening shift or compare warehouses.

Your best WMS should support setting and monitoring performance goals based on real-time metrics from the system, available with just a few clicks.


Your best warehouse management system must be able to scale with your company's growth. A cloud-based solution won't limit your capabilities as the number of transactions or employees grows.

One of the key factors is how well it will integrate with other systems such as accounting and ERP solutions. While your company may not need a full ERP now, you should think ahead to the next levels of growth. A company that adds integrations to new applications shows they're put a high priority on supporting their customers' growth.

It should also be easy to add new devices like scanners and printers. Who knows what technology will bring in the next years. You want to be able to add drones, robots or whatever technology comes along to your system.

Your WMS should work well with small companies as well as larger enterprises, meeting future requirements as your company grows.

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