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The ITF Group is a technology-driven logistics company that has been moving, storing, and shipping products for their clients since 2008. ITF started as a trucking company with ten trucks and grew over the years to over 500 asset-based trucks and 1500 owned trailers. In 2018 they opened their first warehouse, in 2019 they needed more space and purchased a 300,000 square foot building in St. Louis, and in 2020 they added a third warehouse to their network. Today they have four warehouses with almost one million square feet of warehouse space and are adding state-of-the-art robotics for their ecommerce clientele.

Today the ITF Group is a one-stop shop for their customers, handling all transportation, moving, dispatching, and warehousing. They handle all the logistics headaches so their clients can focus on marketing and selling their products. Kathy Smith, Director of Strategic Initiatives at ITF, knew they needed a WMS that could support their diverse operations and keep up with their constantly evolving business. They evaluated every solution in the market, instantly ruled out all the outdated options, and selected Logiwa’s cloud-based solution because it is easy to configure and easy to use.

Success results with Logiwa:
  • Each location is setup as a fully digital warehouse.
  • Managers and executives can see the macro view of operations across all warehouses.
  • Each warehouse is connected directly to Shopify, Amazon, UPS and Fedex.
  • Using the Logiwa Client Portal, ITF’s clients can see how fast their orders are being processed and get real-time visibility into their inventory levels so that inventory is always replenished on time for the next sale.
  • With new fulfillment capabilities the company has been able to add major household name brands and all sizes of entrepreneurial clientele.

“Logiwa’s customer support is amazing. Whether we need a reminder on how to do something or run into a problem, Logiwa’s support helps us be super responsive to our customers.”

– Kathy Smith, Director of Strategic Initiatives
ITF Group

We knew we needed a WMS that could support our diverse operations, and we love that Logiwa is evolving along with our business.

– Kathy Smith, Director of Strategic Initiatives
ITF Group

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