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Experience Brilliant B2B Fulfillment With Logiwa IO

Originally published on April 5, 2024 by Erhan Musaoglu, Updated on April 5, 2024

In the fast-moving ecommerce market, being efficient, accurate, and adaptable is crucial for B2B fulfillment. Logiwa IO has introduced improvements to make ordering and B2B shipping smoother and easier. This makes it simpler for companies to handle B2B logistics.

Key takeaways:

  • Comprehensive Support: Streamlines B2B logistics through enhanced handling of package types and optimization of fulfillment processes, boosting efficiency and accuracy.
  • Innovative Solutions: Advanced receiving options and cross-docking capabilities expedite goods from receipt to shipment, enhancing order fulfillment speed and precision.
  • Technology-Driven Approach: Uses mobile and API/Excel integration to simplify processes and increase flexibility.
  • Enhanced Allocation and Picking: Improves handling of varying order sizes and complexities, elevating efficiency in b2b shipments.

Comprehensive Support for B2B Fulfillment Operations

Logiwa IO extends its capabilities across the fulfillment spectrum. It enhances efficiency and satisfaction by addressing the unique challenges of B2B logistics. The system offers multiple pack types, improved storage algorithms, and cross-docking. This helps B2B clients receive and fulfill orders more easily.

Easily manage multiple pack types

Logiwa IO’s multiple pack types and their hierarchies directly address the complexities of B2B logistics. This makes receiving and fulfilling orders easier, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Innovating B2B Order Fulfillment: Inbound and Outbound Processes

Efficient inbound processes are crucial. Logiwa IO excels by optimizing receiving, storage, and distribution for B2B order fulfillment.

Logiwa IO improves the movement of goods with cross-docking and putaway suggestions during receiving. This reduces handling times and storage costs.

Outbound operations benefit from streamlined shipment plans and partial allocation of orders. This ensures precise fulfillment according to customer requirements.

Optimize fulfillment with cross-docking capabilities

Logiwa IO designed its cross-docking to efficiently manage the flow of goods through fulfillment centers. You can directly transfer products from receiving to shipping. This step bypasses storage, reduces handling times, and lowers storage costs.

You can receive all inventory (LPs and their contents) by simply scanning the LP. You have no need to break down LPs to receive items. With Logiwa IO, you speed up order fulfillment and improve warehouse efficiency.

Speed up your inbound processes with putaway suggestions during receiving

Integrating putaway suggestions into the receiving process transforms warehouse operations. Logiwa IO uses business rules and algorithms to recommend optimal putaway locations. This creates a seamless flow from receiving to storage. This integration not only saves time but also optimizes warehouse space use.

Outbound operations gain a competitive edge with Logiwa IO. Shipment plans and partial allocation of shipment orders use precise customer requirements. This streamlines the preparation and dispatch of goods. Additionally, the system supports enhanced picking and loading tasks, reducing turnaround times and elevating efficiency.

Streamline your B2B shipping with shipment plans

Shipment Plans are a game-changer for managing B2B orders. Logiwa IO simplifies allocation and shipping processes by creating detailed plans for each delivery. Plans include truck loads and associated orders. This feature improves the reliability and speed of B2B shipments.

Partially allocate, pick/pack, and ship orders

Logiwa IO’s support for partial order operations—allocation, picking, packing, and shipping—introduces unmatched flexibility. This capability is crucial for handling varying inventory levels and order sizes. You can send partial shipments as needed and complete them as more inventory becomes available.

Logiwa IO enhances picking processes by creating full or mixed SKU pallets, which is particularly beneficial for B2B orders requiring customized pallet configurations. Our mobile app supports this feature, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. You can pick and assemble pallets according to client specifications.

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Embracing Technology for Enhanced B2B Fulfillment

Logiwa IO leverages technology to enhance fulfillment processes with a mobile app to facilitate loading operations. And the system’s integration capabilities allow for rapid adjustments to customer demands and market changes. This tech-driven approach ensures a competitive edge in the B2B fulfillment landscape.

The mobile app’s functionality extends to loading and shipping. You can scan a Shipment Plan to combine orders into one step. This makes the final fulfillment process easier and faster.


These enhancements represent a significant leap forward in B2B fulfillment. Logiwa focuses on the specific needs of B2B logistics and uses advanced technology to optimize their operations. With Logiwa, businesses improve service levels and stay ahead in the competitive B2B marketplace.

FAQs Regarding B2B Order Fulfillment

What makes Logiwa IO’s approach to B2B fulfillment different from other solutions in the market?

Logiwa IO leads by offering a comprehensive suite of features designed specifically for the complexities of B2B logistics. It streamlines both inbound and outbound fulfillment processes through advanced receiving options, and cross-docking capabilities. Its technology-driven approach includes mobile and API/Excel integration. This allows businesses to navigate the B2B logistics landscape with enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.

How does Logiwa IO handle varying order sizes and complexities in B2B fulfillment?

Logiwa IO allows you to manage multiple pack types (such as eaches, cases, and pallets) and  supports partial allocation of shipment orders, which is crucial for handling varying inventory levels and order sizes. This flexibility allows you to send partial shipments as needed and complete them as more inventory becomes available. Additionally, its advanced allocation and picking processes improve the handling of varying order sizes and complexities, elevating efficiency.

Can Logiwa IO integrate with existing warehouse technology to optimize the B2B fulfillment processes?

Yes, Logiwa IO leverages a technology-driven approach that includes mobile app functionality and API/Excel integration capabilities. This allows for seamless integration with existing warehouse technologies, enabling rapid adjustments to customer demands and market changes.

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