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eBay Dropshipping

eBay Dropshipping: Benefits, How It Works & What to Expect With running an online business being one the most hyping trends of the last couple of decades, people have begun slowly adjust to the mentality of buying everything and anything exclusively without going to offline stores and shops. That being said, entrepreneurs and online business […]

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Days in Inventory Formula

Also known as inventory outstanding, days in inventory refer to the number of days it takes for stock to turn into sales. While the formula for days in inventory may vary from sector to sector, the general rule of thumb is the lower the inventory outstanding, the more optimal inventory management is. The days in inventory formula can also be called inventory […]

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Total Cost Formula

Total Cost Formula: What It Is, How to Calculate It & How It Works When pricing your products and services, determining the average total cost is an essential part of your accounting process. This step ensures you are pricing your products high enough to recover both your variable and fixed costs. The total cost formula helps businesses […]

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Ending Inventory

Ending Inventory Key Takeaways If you’re an interested businessman and sell goods, you’ve most probably heard about “ending inventory” This term explains the total value of products a company still has for sale at the end of an accounting period. It is a piece of vital information for businesses not only for the chance of […]

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