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Cutting-edge industry trends and practical tips to make fulfillment excellence a competitive advantage.

The Last-Mile Carrier: What they do, how they work, and why they are so important.

If you’re running a business that ships items to consumers, your priority has likely been getting orders out of your warehouse and moving towards consumers as quickly and efficiently as possible. But focusing on speedy order processing could lead to you forgetting about the most critical step in accomplishing direct-to-consumer fulfillment: the final mile. Whether […]

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USPS Zones

USPS Shipping Zones USPS has a unique understanding of shipping zones. USPS zones are defined based on the distance a package has to travel from its original point. As a result, a lot of confusion occurs when defining various USPS shipping zones, and the most common question asked of all is “What USPS zone am I in?” These […]

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Delivery Exceptions

Delivery Exceptions: What Does Delivery Exception Mean & How to Avoid It? One of the most important factors in e-commerce is precise delivery. Doing your best to meet your customers’ expectations and providing timely delivery is as critical as ever, with the e-commerce market innovating itself by the minute. Nonetheless, no matter how much time […]

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Flat Rate

Flat Rate: Everything You Need to Know About Flat Rate Shipping Flat rate shipping is one of the options that can make your life easier when predicting shipping costs, as well as help in the reduction of your delivery expenses. Most e-commerce companies nowadays opt for simplifies the process of sending out orders. With Ecommerce […]

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Shipping Cost

Shipping Cost Calculator & How To Reduce Shipping Costs Everybody wants fast delivery these days. But for your business logistics should you buy a fleet of Ferraris and helicopters to get there faster? Should you offer the shipping service for free? It all comes down to how much does it cost to ship a package […]

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