End-to-end Value Chain Design – Aligning the Extended Supply Chain behind Customer Delight

Who is the most important part within your Extended Supply Chain? Obviously it is the customer! But how do you keep your customer happy? What do you do in order to keep customer loyalty? When looking at getting your products from your supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer you need to think ‘Value’.

In order to make sure your customers think that you are providing ‘Value’ you need to build your end-to-end supply chain around their requirements. The customer always comes first so making sure you deliver your products to your customer right first time means you need to know what right actually is before you design your supply chains!

  • How to design a ‘Value’ chain around customer delight
  • Why delight can come from many different places in your supply chain
  • How to engage partners and employees around the delivery of customer delight

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