Supply Chain IT Subway MAP 2016 has been released

Supply Chain IT Subway MAP 2016 has been released

This year’s Supply Chain IT Subway Map has been released by Supply Chain Media. Logiwa took its place on the map once again with WMS and TMS solutions.

Supply Chain Media releases the Supply Chain IT Subway Map as an overview of the different types of supply chain software (ERP, WMS, TMS, etc.) that is available, and to help locate their various vendors. Companies have been allocated positions on the map based on the number of implementations and the share of revenue for each software type.

There are some key updates in 2016 version of the map. One of the significant changes is seen on e-commerce supply chain vendors. As e-commerce advances, companies with an omni-channel approach are increasingly implementing specific order management systems. In addition, the continuing growth in outsourcing is making global businesses ever-more susceptible to disruption; so supply chain risk management software is also on the rise.

The advance of e-commerce is forcing companies with an omni-channel B2C and/or B2B approach to utilize a specific order management system. Logiwa is an advanced system that enables those companies to fulfill orders flexibly by dispatching goods from various inventory sources (e.g. directly from their suppliers, from their own warehouse or even from a retail store). The rise in popularity of sales & operations planning software is on the rise this year. Also, software suppliers are inevitably increasing their offerings on the cloud.



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