3 Barcode Scanner Technologies That Are Used For Inventory Management

3 Barcode Scanner Technologies That Are Used For Inventory Management

Barcode scanning technology is being used to achieve real-time inventory, accuracy and productivity in the warehouses. The main benefits of barcode technology are to prevent human errors and save cost. Depending on the business, products and size of the operation, you can use different barcode scanner app and technology. Some of the main barcode app technologies and their usage in your warehouse are:

Desktop PC + Cable Barcode Reader App

A cable barcode scanner which is attached to a desktop PC is one of the most affordable ways to start scanning barcodes for your inventory. This option is affordable and easy to configure however you can not use this option in big warehouses and mobile processes such as picking, putaway and movements. You can use PC + cable barcode scanner in small warehouses or for specific processes such as packing, receiving.

Smart Devices + Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Android barcode scanner app and ios barcode scanner app are useful for online retailers which have limited number of warehouse employees and relatively small warehouses. Smart devices such as tablets, smartphones are used for specific inventory processes in warehouses for barcode scanning. Especially, tablets and bluetooth barcode reader are being used in warehouses for picking and receiving processes. The main advantage of smart devices is mobility and image capturing.

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Industrial Barcode Scanning Guns

The industrial barcode scanners are designed and developed to work in warehouses. They have better battery life, scan barcodes faster, longer scanner range, scan barcode in poor lighting environments and they are protected from drops. Usually, industrial barcode scanner guns are used by big warehouses which have multiple employees.



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