Save Shipment Costs with Rate Shopping

Rate Shopping

Shipment is one of the main cost items of an e-commerce order fulfillment operation. Various transportation researches show that rate shopping can save 3 to 7% on annual shipment costs. Logiwa saves costs not only on warehousing and order fulfillment but also on parcel shipments through advanced rate shopping functionality. Logiwa is designed to automate parcel shipment process for e-commerce players to provide seamless service to customers. Automatically integrate to carriers such as USPS, UPS, DHL, Fedex and enjoy the benefits.

  • Save Money– Automatically shop shipping rates and have the system select the most feasible carrier to decrease shipping costs.
  • Save Time – Automatically capture shipping rates at individual carriers, making data accessible from one place.
  • Compare Shipping Rates – Search and display all available carrier and service options available for your shipment.
  • Seamless Integrated System – Do all your shipping with any parcel or LTL carrier from one solution.


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