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Multichannel Order Fulfillment Software

If your Multichannel Order Fulfillment sales aren't managed as an integrated network, you're likely spending more on inventory management and shipping than you need to. Stop duplicating efforts and wasting money.

Multichannel Order Fulfillment Solutions for Your Business

If you're selling through other channels as well as Amazon you should take advantage of multichannel order fulfillment to streamline your shipping process.

 You can process your orders on Amazon and other marketplaces along with your orders from other e-commerce channels, which allows you to free up resources and focus on growing your business. 

Eliminate duplication of time and effort by processing multiple orders coming from your different sales channels from one centralized system. With multichannel order fulfillment, you can process other sales channels along with your Amazon and other online orders. You'll be able to select among standard delivery, 1-day and 2-day shipping as well as Amazon Prime Free two-day shipping and free shipping on eligible orders. 

You can select which channel to use to offer the lowest shipping costs to your customer and manage your profit margins on each sale. You can pull from inventory whenever it makes the most sense. You can sync order details flowing in from many channels at one time, which can be costly for small sellers and start-ups.

These days, the experience of buying – and returning – products online is as important as the product itself.


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Multichannel order fulfillment enables you to participate in the high velocity of online retail via mobile shopping. You can create fast-to-market, fast-to-respond and fast-to-deliver experience for your consumers. Customers will develop loyalty for a seamless, consistent and personalized shopping experience no matter which channel they use to encounter your brand.

Benefits of multichannel fulfillment:

Single view of inventory: With one view of stock across all channels, you can allocate inventory and meet customer demands regardless of location, status, or ownership of the inventory.

Personalized fulfillment: Meet customer preferences in shipping goods in the way, shape or form that are indicated or by the customer or are most common.

Use delivery as a competitive advantage: Balance options such as cost, speed, and flexibility to offset operating costs.

Incorporate returns: Make reverse logistics a part of your fulfillment strategy to offer a seamless experience and convenience from before the sale to after the sale.

Retailers in particular face a new reality: fully support an e-commerce strategy or wait for manufacturers and distributors to reclaim the direct relationship with customers. A multichannel fulfillment strategy embraces that concept, focusing on serving consumers no matter where they want to shop. 

If you're selling online through multiple channels, check out Logiwa logistics management software. The cloud-based solution helps sellers improve inventory management and achieve 100 percent accuracy across all sales channels. Shippers can pick, pack and ship faster so they can meet the premium shipping cutoffs. Overall, users have experienced shipping improvements by up to 2.5 times faster than other solutions. If you're searching for a solution that will support your multichannel offerings, Logiwa can take you to the next level.

For a multichannel order fulfillment solution you need a partner that support all retail channels 
to deliver brand consistency and build customer satisfaction. 

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