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High-volume Order Fulfillment Blog

Cutting-edge industry trends and practical tips to make fulfillment excellence a competitive advantage.

What is a Lot Number?

What is a Lot Number? What are the Advantages of Lot Batch Number Tracking? A lot is a batch of products or finished goods, harvested, or collected together into a single group. The entire batch of goods is identified by a single lot number. Every item in the lot carries the same lot, and each […]

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Inventory Replenishment

The Retailer’s Guide to Stock and Inventory Replenishment Suppose a customer browses the racks at your store during her lunch break. She finds a dress she likes, and it’s even available in her size. When she gets back to her desk, she’s still thinking about the dress, so she figures she’ll treat herself.

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Reorder Points (ROP)

Inventory Reorder Points (ROP): What They Are & How They Help How do you know when to order more inventory? In the early days of your business, you probably used your instincts. Once every two weeks, you’d eyeball your stock, guess what you’d run out of in the next few days, and put in an […]

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WooCommerce Inventory Management

What Online Retailers Need To Know About WooCommerce Inventory Management As a free WordPress plug-in, WooCommerce has become a popular tool for bringing online stores to life. Beyond providing a digital storefront, WooCommerce can even help manage a store’s inventory, making it an attractive option for online retailers.

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