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High-volume Order Fulfillment Blog

Cutting-edge industry trends and practical tips to make fulfillment excellence a competitive advantage.

Warehouse Location

Warehouse Locations Guide (Location Code Generator) Locations or addresses are one of the main components of a successful warehouse software implementation. Locations categorize physical processes and provide easy access to inventory in your warehouse. The locations should be very clear to operators when they see the location codes on the mobile devices or paper tickets.

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Optimize Your Supply Chain Management

“If managing the supply chain is like fetching a hungry baby a bottle, then logistics is the thankless trek up and down the stairs in the middle of the night.” ~ Benn Bekic, CSO, WiseTech Global According to Deloitte, 79% of companies with high-performing supply chains surpassed industry competitors in terms of revenue growth. Comparatively, […]

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FIFO – First In First Out Warehousing

First in first out (FIFO) warehousing means exactly what it sounds like. It’s an inventory control method in which the first items to come into the warehouse are the first items to leave. Similar to the service industry concept of “first come, first served”, the FIFO method focuses on products, not people.

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Warehouse Cross Docking

An Intro to Cross-Docking: Is It Right For My Business? You can use cross-docking to reduce warehouse waste and free up capital tied in inventory management. How does that happen? Cross-docking allows you to keep less inventory in your warehouse, and to experience faster inventory turnover.

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Warehouse Wastes

The Top 7 Warehouse Wastes and How to Eliminate Them Analysts expect the global warehouse industry to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 6%  over the next four years. As consumer expectations around fulfillment rise, we will need more and more warehouses to meet them.

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