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B2C Order Fulfillment with Logiwa WMS

Customers often choose where to shop based on their B2C order fulfillment experience, so don't let disconnected processes hurt your e-commerce revenues.

Take Charge of Your B2C Order Fulfillment

With the growth of e-commerce, more companies are handling  B2C order fulfillment on their own. Shipping speed and expense has become a key differentiator for online retailers. Consumers want to receive their purchases as quickly as possible and for as little cost as possible. It's even more vital around the holidays.

During the 2018 holiday season, 88 percent of shoppers valued free shipping more than fast shipping, according to the 2018 Holiday Shopping survey by Deloitte. If they're paying for fast shipping, consumers expect delivery within two days. For free shipping, a window of three to seven days is acceptable. Experts predict by 2023, one-day delivery will be the norm.

For many customers, their only interaction with your brand is when they order from your site, and the package arrives at the door. The order fulfillment process is a significant driver of repeat business. While the customers only see the order and delivery, a lot happens behind the scenes. Processes like stock allocations, billing, invoicing, and delivery scheduling must proceed with near 100% accuracy to ensure client satisfaction. 


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Gearing up to deal directly with end users requires a different fulfillment system than a traditional pallet-in, pallet-out structure. You must have inventory and warehouse management systems that can handle numerous small direct shipments.

While two-day shipping actually means two days after the items enter the shipping channel, customers tend to believe it means two days after ordering. The faster you can pick, pack and ship items, the faster the carriers can deliver at lower cost and still stay within shipping expectations.

A logistics management solution, including inventory and warehouse management, must support the current level of expectation, and be future-proof for the next level. Logiwa's solutions enable sellers to offer same day and two-day shipping.

Retailers are coming to realize that real-time inventory visibility across the enterprise is crucial to delivering seamless customer experiences. Cloud-based solutions like Logiwa offer unprecedented flexibility and scalability. Computing power can increase and decrease as needed, and the data can be accessed anywhere at any time. Everyone uses the same information, so there's no need to wait for updates.

That means stock levels are transparent across multiple sales channels. Inventory details are integrated and managed through a single interface. You can direct inventory wherever it's needed most, avoiding stockouts in any single channel.

Your B2C order fulfillment solution should integrate with your existing marketplaces, e-commerce, shipping, and accounting platforms. Lowiga has integrations with more than 70 major providers, with more on the way. With an integrated workflow, you can streamline operations for better accuracy and timeliness. Customers will appreciate having a single source of information about their purchasing experience.

In today's competitive retail environment, consumers have many options to make their purchases. A good experience will keep them coming back. You can turn you B2C order fulfillment into a competitive advantage.

Logiwa helps shippers and 3PLs establish more productive fulfillment processes that not only boost sales but also help companies build deeper relationships with their customers across all sales platforms. Contact us for a demo today.

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