How to manage online inventory when drop-shipping across multi-channel?

How to manage online inventory when drop-shipping across multi-channel?

Drop shipping is a fulfillment model that allows you to buy products individually from a vendor or wholesaler and let them ship them directly to your consumer. Instead of buying inventory and handling in your warehouse, you simply partner with a drop shipping vendor and list their products for sale. Then, once you receive an order you forward it to the vendor and let them fulfill the orders instead of you. The drop shipping vendor will ship the orders from their warehouse.

The drop shipping model seems very efficient and easy to handle, is it? Usually, an online retailer has to deal more than one drop shipping vendor and most of them have their own warehouse as well. When you are operating in this mixed and combined environment, it is difficult to manage the order fulfillment process.

The main pain points of drop-shipping across multi-channel:

  • How to get real-time information from the drop shipping vendors?
  • When to direct the order to a drop shipping vendor if you are handling same products in your warehouse?
  • How to track and report the performance of your drop shipping vendor?
  • How to automate the order distribution process from sales channels to your drop vendors

Warehouse management systems are used to manage all the drop shipping process. New generation warehouse management systems are capable of pulling the orders from sales channels, pushing the orders to your warehouse or to your drop shipping vendor.

drop-shipping across multi-channel

Logiwa WMS provides a seamless and real-time approach for your drop shipment process. With Logiwa WMS, you can:

  • Import your drop shipping vendors inventory
  • Download all your channel orders
  • Direct your channel orders to drop shipping vendors
  • Track the status of shipments from drop shipping vendors
  • Update your channel orders’ status to selling channels.

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